Saturday, 24 October 2009

Not "social Darwinism"

I'd like to clarify a common misconception, which leads some to wrongly equate my Darwinian approach to understanding our civilization with social Darwinism and its misconceived application of Darwin's theory to human society, which often had the (subconscious) aim of rationalizing and justifying existing social or racial inequalities. The Nazis, notoriously, justified their wars of aggression and domination of other, "inferior", peoples (races) as a legitimate expression of man's Darwinian nature.

It is not my intention to rationalize or justify anything (not even subconsciously, I hope), but to expose the actual (though misplaced and perverted, in the artificial environment of human society itself) Darwinian nature of existing society, which is hidden from us by our own, largely subconscious, rationalizations - a consequence of the human brain having evolved to interpret reality, i.e. its environment (now largely socioeconomic), to its own perceived advantage.

Maintaining the status quo and efficient functioning of state and economy depend on us not recognising their (self)-exploitative, Darwinian nature (to the advantage of society's dominant elites, of course), which our brains thus subconsciously blind us to; even the brains of such eminent (evolutionary) biologists as Richard Dawkins and Desmond Morris, whose knowledge and expertise one might expect to open their eyes. However, I'm quite sure that if either of them had recognized, or even suspected, the Darwinian nature of our civilization, they would have let the world know about it - unless, of course, they were/are too fearful (as Copernicus was) of being ridiculed for suggesting such an outrageous idea.

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